TGen And Mitch Hundman: An Organic Partnership

Hundman Wealth’s own Mitchell Hundman recently became an ambassador for the Translational Genomics Research Institute, known as TGen. TGen is a non-profit organization committed to developing earlier diagnostics and smarter treatments through personalized care. As Hundman Wealth believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach to wealth management, TGen believes there is no standardized approach to medicine. It’s a partnership that’s in the Hundman DNA.


Translational genomics research is a relatively new field that uses advances made by the Human Genome Project to discover the underlying causes of complex diseases. TGen’s team analyzes and interprets genome data into personalized diagnostics, prognostics, and therapies to find the real root of a patient’s problem.

Customizing medicine according to the patient is becoming increasingly popular in treating people that have tried all suggested plans without substantial change. This speaks to the mystery surrounding individuals who lead healthy lives compared to those who succumb to debilitating diseases despite similar medical histories. TGen scientists are spearheading efforts to provide answers – and solutions – to the role of genetics in complex disease. Humans are a sum of parts, each with a unique genetic equation. In fact, one genome alone is said to have roughly 90 billion data points. Cracking our genetic codes will hopefully reveal vulnerabilities that will give researchers and physicians the information they need to develop smarter, more effective, and less harmful treatment plans. This way, the patient leads the treatment instead of the treatment leading the patient.

TGen is on the cutting edge of translational research and is dedicated to revolutionizing health care. At the pinnacle of its mission is the ability to form valuable, collaborative partnerships. As a non-profit research organization, TGen relies on outside funding for its operations. Therefore, the organization is constantly partnering with schools, government agencies, clinical agencies, and corporate agencies in Arizona to continue adding necessary equipment, essential scientific resources, and more members to the research team.


Mitchell Hundman couldn’t help but realize the correlation between TGen’s goals and the underlying purpose of financial services: customizing solutions for clientele for better, more robust results. Mitchell’s uncle also passed away fairly early in life from pancreatic cancer, giving him a unique and kindred understanding for TGen’s healthcare vision. At a time in his own life when seeking further purpose took precedence, Mitchell knew he had to get involved with TGen. He connected with the organization and soon became one of its 68 ambassadors. Despite its significant strides, TGen has had challenges finding candidates to take on its services. Passionate ambassadors and donors are vital assets to raising awareness and achieving its goals.

Needless to say, Hundman Wealth is very proud of Mitchell; any company would consider themselves lucky to have team members with this kind of initiative and genuine care for people. Mitchell’s actions have absolutely added to the fabric of Hundman and its desire to give back to the community. It exemplifies the importance of bettering yourself to better others, something we aim to do for each of our clients. This is a welcomed addition to the philanthropic efforts we currently support and reminds us to continue looking for service opportunities as part of our overall mission to better serve our community.

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